What is the best way for me to understand the facilitator information?

There can be a lot to take in before you facilitate a module. The trick is to find the best way you learn – usually it’s a mix of see, hear, and do.

The information you need to know

Read all the information provided in your facilitator packs and take note of the recommended session format, including the general administrative tasks. Every module follows a similar format but each varies slightly as determined by the learning intentions.

  • Introduction - this is the essence of the module and outlines what topics will be covered.
  • Aims and objectives - these are the must cover points that we are trying to help other coaches to learn.
  • Learning activities - these are provided to give your coaches opportunities to see, hear and do the things that will enable them to experience the learning objectives.

Ways you can bring this information to life

Consider how you will share the relevant information to meet the needs of the coaches. This will be a combination of you pushing information to and pulling information from the group.

  • Close your eyes and picture yourself facilitating the module and each activity.
  • Talk aloud saying things you want to say - such as the key points you will cover, the questions you will ask and the feedback you will give.
  • Make notes on your facilitator guidelines and module book so you can quickly refer to these during the module if you need to.
  • Practice at home in front of the mirror or beforehand if time permits.
  • You may also find it effective to discuss how to deliver the module in pairs or groups with your fellow facilitators.

By following these tips, you will incorporate visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic learning styles, so all your bases should be covered.

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