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The value of membership

Value of Membership

Findings indicate that one of the reasons people choose to not renew their memberships is because they are not playing enough squash to justify the cost of it. This is a very simple ‘membership value calculation’ to make. For example, annual membership costs $500 and they play 10 times = $50 a match.

At the end of the year sports clubs often send a lump sum invoice to their members requesting the following year’s subscription. As a member, you then have the opportunity to weigh up the value of your club membership and decide whether to pay the full amount or not. There are a number of factors that come in to play at this point. Do you have the funds at that time? Do you have the time to play this year? What else could you do with this money?

How can your club improve the value it offers its’ members?

Group programmes are the cheapest and easiest way to help new members become engaged with your club and are a useful retention tool for existing members. New Zealand’s Squash Athlete Pathway outlines the various playing communities that people experience and participate in on their lifelong squash journey. Offering a range of squash programmes that cater to the needs of these various communities will act like a magnet.

Different membership models

Whichever way you go, the financial benefit to your club lies in increased engagement of your customers (members). Giving people what they want will create a club with social energy and a great place to be. This sense of belonging, the friendships and participation opportunities that your club offers will prevent members from making the ‘membership value calculation’.

For more about engaging your members click here

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